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Gartner: Makers of things for Internet of Things undervalue security

Tim Greene | Feb. 13, 2015
User friendliness and getting products out the door take precedence.

The group has formulated a list of the top 10 security problems facing IoT devices, and how to prevent them. The list of problems includes insecure Web interfaces, weak authentication, limited security configurability, buggy software and firmware, and insecure cloud and mobile interfaces as well as transport-layer security.

The need to shore up IoT gear will get increasingly urgent as a majority of businesses come to rely on it for profitability, according to a Gartner survey conducted last month. Of 463 Gartner business clients polled, 63% say that within five years the IoT will either transform their businesses entirely or enable significant new revenues or cost savings.

Manufacturing and retail businesses will be affected most by the IoT, with government, education, banking and insurance being least affected, Gartner says.

Perkins says component makers will address security of their products, makers of devices will have a different set of security concerns and providers that use these devices to deliver services will have yet another set of priorities. "As you move through the supply chain to the consumer or enterprise user, each will have their set of security requirements," he says. "I would like to think all of them know their role in delivering end-to-end cybersecurity, but alas, that is the exception rather than the rule."


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