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Game of Thrones creators say piracy doesn't harm profits

Ian Paul | April 2, 2013
Let's just get this out of the way: This story is no April Fool's prank no matter how far-fetched the headline seems at first glance.

Major movie and television content producers are currently struggling with piracy similar to problems the music industry faced several years ago. The entertainment industry is caught between experimenting with policing systems--such as the recently instituted Copyright Alert System--and coming up with new business models to deal with the realities of the Internet.

While streaming video may be gaining traction with consumers, not much has changed in terms of new content methods and delivery services for premium online video content. A direct-to-consumer HBO Go service could be one of the first major experiments with new online delivery methods in years--but by introducing just such a plan, HBO would risk upsetting its cable partners and the juicy distribution contracts that currently tie HBO's fate to the cable providers.

With piracy bearing little influence on the bottom line of top shows like Game of Thrones, HBO might not be willing to bite that particular hand just yet.


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