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From the logical to the ridiculous, 8 more apps that should link up with Uber

Caitlin McGarry | Aug. 25, 2014
Execs have long used Uber to get to meetings or the airport, but now the car-hailing app is making it easier to expense those rides.

Airbnb: I usually pick my Airbnbs because they're in neighborhoods where my fellow tourists won't be staying. But that puts me at a disadvantage when I arrive in an unfamiliar city, because those apartments are on side streets in areas that cabs don't frequent. With Uber integration, I could get a ride from the airport to my Airbnb. And now that Uber lets riders enter their destinations, drivers will know exactly where they're going and how long it will take to get there.

These apps don't make sense
Public transit apps: I'm not sure if this is ridiculous or makes complete sense--apps that tell you when the next bus or train arrive should also say, "Yeah, the next 38-Geary bus isn't coming for another 45 minutes, so Uber is your best bet." I'm sure everyone would be grateful.

Untappd: Apps that let you log your beer and wine purchases are useful when you want to remember a great bottle down the road. But a few of my friends have fallen victim to beer-finding app Untappd's tweets on their behalf, which broadcast to the world the drinking badges they've collected and the bottles they've purchased. What if social drinking apps logged your beer count and then told the world you had to hail an Uber home? It's better than drinking and driving, but also pretty embarrassing.

Waze: Some have suggested that traffic app Waze would be a natural fit for an Uber option, to which I say: No. People use Waze to tell them which routes to avoid. Seeing a traffic jam wouldn't prompt you to call a ride so much as tell you how to get around the crush of cars. But maybe--no, definitely--Uber drivers would benefit from seeing Waze on their phones.

Flappy Bird: Who says Uber integration has to be useful? Apps could take the partnership to a whole new level with gamification. Developers could take advantage of players frustrated with Flappy Bird or the similarly difficult Swing Copters by enabling in-app purchases. Can't get to the next level? Buy your bird an Uber to coast straight through (surge pricing: 10.75x). Watch your online bank account dwindle and your score skyrocket.


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