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Foursquare updates Swarm to soothe check-in blues

Caitlin McGarry | July 9, 2014
Foursquare spun off its most-used feature, check-ins, into a separate app called Swarm in May. To say diehard Foursquare fans are irate would be an understatement--some are near apoplectic over the unbundling. So the company is rolling out its first Swarm update to address some common complaints.

One said that her friends "never once used [Foursquare] to find new places to go or to meet up with friends. It was all about the game aspect."

Swarm broadcasts your location to friends on the app without requiring an active check-in, so you can easily find each other. That feature isn't exactly popular either.

Another reviewer: "Who needs an app to track where other people are? That's what texts are for. No one wants, or likes, anyone just popping by uninvited, it just ruins the mood. If you're not invited, don't think an app will get you there. Stalking, anyone?"

These are common sentiments across both iOS and Android.

Foursquare has yet to launch its revamped app, which could answer all questions and satisfy all complaints when it lands later this summer. And with a few improvements, Swarm could be the gamified check-in app that Foursquare fans miss. But as it stands, Foursquare's unbundling hasn't exactly been smooth sailing.


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