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Four ways to get things done with Siri

Lex Friedman | March 6, 2013
You can have a lot of fun with Siri, the artificially intelligent, voice recognition-based assistant built into newer iPhones and iPads. But fun though Siri may be, it turns out the little voice inside your iOS device can also help you become increasingly productive. From reminding you to perform a task, to sending meeting invitations, to keeping track of book recommendations--Siri proves to be surprisingly helpful for taking care of everyday things. Here's an assortment of tasks to get done with Siri.

You can say that. But, don't just dabble with entry-level Siri calendaring. Get fancier by making meetings with Siri that include invitees, durations, and more:

Dates and invitations: "Create a 30 minute lunch meeting for Friday at 12 p.m. with Jason Snell." If the name you use matches an address in your contacts, Siri will even handle sending out the invitation.

Calendar control:  You can do a lot of calendar manipulation with Siri, too. Instructions you can try include: "Move my 3 p.m. phone meeting to 4:30," "Reschedule my lunch with Jason to March 11 at 1 p.m.," "Cancel my planning meeting," or "Add Dan to my lunch with Jason." (If you, like many Macworld staffers, have more than one "Dan" in your contacts, fret not; Siri will seek clarification on which Dan you mean.)

All-knowing Siri: Siri really understands a lot about your calendar. You can ask questions like, "When is my lunch with Jason?" You can also say things like: "Show me my Friday" or "Show me today."

Armed with these tips, Siri can help you become more productive--with barely any tapping involved.


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