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Forget range anxiety: EVs could replace 90% of today's cars

Lucas Mearian | Aug. 18, 2016
By replacing gasoline-power cars with EVs, the U.S. would reduce greenhouse gases 30%

The researchers, however, found that the vast majority of combustion-engine cars on the road consume no more energy in a day than the battery energy capacity in affordable EVs.

The data was represented by a scenario in which people would do most of their recharging overnight at home, or during the day at work. For such trips, the lack of infrastructure was not really a concern.

plugless fullsystem leaf

Evatran, a wireless charging technology company that assisted in the research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, sells a 3.3KW wireless charging system for the Nissan Leaf.

Vehicles such as the Ford Focus Electric or the Nissan Leaf — whose sticker prices are still higher than those of conventional cars, but whose overall lifetime costs end up being comparable because of lower maintenance and operating costs — would be adequate to meet the needs of the vast majority of U.S. drivers.

"The adoption potential of electric vehicles is remarkably similar across cities," Trancik said, "from dense urban areas like New York, to sprawling cities like Houston. This goes against the view that electric vehicles — at least affordable ones, which have limited range — only really work in dense urban centers."


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