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Forget Amazon; I want a drone of my own

Mike Elgan | Dec. 16, 2013
Governments and businesses are getting flying robots. But when will personal drones fly into our lives? Columnist Mike Elgan wants one.

Those are just a few examples of the thousands of things that drones will be able to do for us. Remember that drones will be app-controlled. Several years ago, before smartphones had apps, if we had tried to guess what those devices would be able to do in the future, we never would have imagined the incredible uses we have for them today. The same will be true of drones: The coolest applications are the ones yet to be thought of.

Will Amazon ever really use drones to deliver packages?

Who knows? What really matters is that Amazon will deliver drones to us, inside packages. Very soon, autonomous, intelligent drones with processing and sensor abilities far beyond today's best smartphones will become mainstream consumer electronics devices.

Think of them as home robots that fly.


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