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Force Training Institute Multi-Threat Shield review: We test this bulletproof laptop bag the only way you can

Gordon Mah Ung | May 6, 2015
You've likely seen ads and news stories about "bulletproof" laptop bags--bags capable of carrying your laptop and also protecting you from flying lead when the fan hits the shed.

Not much protection for your gear

While the bag is certainly capable of withstanding bullets, it's really not much of a laptop bag. There's minimal shock protection and not even much room — you could squeeze in an Ultrabook with a charger and the usual road-warrior accessories, but the pouch won't fit a 17-inch gaming laptop. It's also a heavy bag to begin with, at eight pounds empty. Throw in your two-pound laptop and its charger, and you're talking more than 10 pounds on your shoulder.

This isn't a bag you pick up on a whim — especially not for $900. It's a bag you buy because it mimics the looks of a laptop bag. The Velcro-lined pouch is actually supposed to carry a firearm. It's intended for police and security professionals who might need a three-foot ballistic shield in a pinch, or to supplement their normal body armor. In that regard, it delivers, and how. 


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