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For Apple the price is white

Simon Jary | June 7, 2013
Apple made white valuable. And white made Apple valuable. From the iMac G4 to the iPad mini Apple loves the colour white.

The new millennium sucked all that old fun colour out of Apple. 2000's iBook SE went White and Graphite only, and a year later the iBook lost its funny shape and looked like most other laptops, except for its pure white casing.

The new century also saw a new Apple mouse replace the hated Hockey Puck. The Apple Pro Mouse came in, you guessed it, Black and White.

Apple's AirPort, Time Machine, Hi-Fi, cables, plugs and other products all stuck with white, but the biggest jolt to Apple's colour palette was 2001's iPod - a product, like the original G3 iMac, defined as much by its colouras its function.

The piece of white polycarbonate cool didn't stay pure white forever - far from it - but those white earbuds remain a true icon of our times.

Apple followed up on the success of the iPod with the iPhone, which started in black but soon had the masses clamouring for a white version.

While Macs went aluminium Apple's mobile line up has stuck with Black and White through iPhone and iPad mini. Where beige once ruled the PC Apple's choice of monochrome colours now defines the new mobile order.

White is now the most popular exterior car colour for American buyers. Sandy McGill, BMW's lead designer, attributes the popularity of white cars to Apple: "Prior to Apple, white was associated with things like refrigerators or the tiles in your bathroom. Apple made white valuable."

And white made Apple valuable.

Until Tim Cook and Jony Ive find Steve's hidden stash of LSD simple white and black minimalism will be keeping Apple and its products in the money for years to come.


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