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For Apple, it's all about platforms now

Ryan Faas | June 2, 2014
Integration is the key and developers are the glue

Apple has already expanded on what location services can do with iBeacons. Integrating iBeacons in the home or in a variety of professional and commercial settings allows for a great deal of context-awareness on the part of iOS devices, particularly as the range and capability of beacon hardware expands. Combine that with the location data already available to iOS devices, indoor positioning systems and much improved map capabilities and you have an immense level of context for iOS devices to use. Apple could either use the data on it own or pair it with other technologies involving home automation, health or fitness data capture, CarPlay and services like iCloud. (This also plays into an area Apple has long been expected to make a move: mobile payments.)

What's it all mean? You can think of this Apple experience as an omnipresent Apple platform or infrastructure. Like most platforms, the real power and innovation isn't going to come from Apple alone, but from developers who would have access to an infrastructure that extends far beyond iOS and OS X. If this is, indeed, the course Apple is setting, then it will do more than create new product categories or disrupt existing industries.

It will transform how we live.


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