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Flash array like no other

Zafar Anjum | Nov. 27, 2013
EMC claims ExtremIO has distinct architecture

EMC  Corp,'s  XtremIO is now generally available in the market, according  to a press statement by the Hoptinkon, Massachusets-based vendor.

The company's statement claimed that ExtremIO is architected differently from other flash arrays that its superior qualities will enable it to be a leader in the market for such devices.

Making this so, according to the statement, were the following technologies, namely: content-based data placement, dual  storage metadata engine, XtremeIO  data protection, and shared in-memory metadata.

Market Leader

Thus, EMC expects it "to be a leader in the all flash array market, which IDC forecasts to grow to US $ 1.2 billion in revenues by 2015," said the statement.

It added that 10 petabytes of effective deduplicated capacity of the XtremeIO had already been sold through EMC's directed availability program.

Content-based data placement keeps the array inherently balanced and optimised to within a fraction of a percent of all SSDs and array controllers and removes duplicate data inline in the data path, according to the statement.

The dual stage metadata engine allows the array to fully leverage the random  access nature of flash and place data anywhere in the array without requiring system level back end cleaning process, the statement added.

It further said Xtrem IO  data protection (XDP) is a flash-specific algorithm that guards against SSD failures while delivering up to six times more usable capacity than traditional RAID.

On the other hand, shared-in memory metada enables the array to deliver the widest range of performance, and to rapidly clone information already in the array to massively accelerate common tasks such as deploying virtual machines.

The statement quoted EMC emerging technology products division president CJ Desai as saying that XtremIO's superior architecture "will allow us to easily deliver even more value added features over time."


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