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Five ways to protect your email at work

Joseph Fieber | Jan. 31, 2012
Despite the popularity of real-time communications like instant messaging, as well as updates via Facebook and Twitter, most workplaces still use and rely on email. As handy as email can be, it can also be dangerous. Attachments can contain viruses, and email messages can hide phishing links that lead you to fake websites in an attempt to steal your login information.

5. Escape Phishing Attacks

If you're the target of a phishing attack, an email message sent to you appears to be from a source you recognize. It uses links to take you to a fake website that tries to trick you into typing your login information, which will give the attackers access to your real account. Efforts are being made to reduce this danger, including the recently announced DMARC collaboration, which once adopted should help assure that messages are from who they claim to be. Until this and similar efforts reduce the danger, avoid clicking links in email messages, even those that appear to be from within your own company. Instead use a bookmark you already have or type in an address by hand for a site you wish to visit.


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