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Five things Apple should fix in the next Apple TV update

Susie Ochs | Oct. 2, 2014
Family Sharing and Beats Music are nice and all, but Apple needs to go a lot further to make Apple TV as easy to use as Roku and Fire TV.

But Apple shouldn't even stop there. I would love to be able to surf around with Safari and right-click videos around the web to add them to a "watch later" list that's synced through iCloud to my Apple TV. The "share sheet" in iOS could have the same "watch later on Apple TV" option for videos I find in Mobile Safari and iOS apps. Finding videos online or on your phone is much easier than finding them on the Apple TV itself, but watching them on the big TV is the best experience--Apple could do a lot more to bridge that gap.

Open SDK and a channel store
Fire TV and Roku make it easy to browse the channel offerings and add new channels to your lineup. Apple just shoves every new channel at you by default, and makes you dig into the settings to hide the ones you don't want. A more organized channel store would be a huge help. It could filter the offerings by subject (sports, news, kids programming), by supported cable providers (show me just the channels that I can log into with Comcast), or even by which have free and a la carte offerings for cord-cutters.

Once Apple a more organized way to present you the channels and let you opt in to the best ones for you, the company could greatly expand the channel offerings through an open SDK without users becoming overwhelmed by screen after screen of icons.

What else should Apple fix in the Apple TV? Let us know in the comments.


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