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Five reasons to avoid the Samsung Galaxy S4

Ross Catanzariti | May 23, 2013
Here are five reasons you might want to overlook Samsung's latest flagship Android phone

Samsung's new Galaxy S4 has been one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of all time. You've no doubt seen the TV commercials, read all of the reviews and perhaps bought into the hype. If you're an early adopter, you may have even bought one already.

The Samsung Galaxy S4.
The Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you're yet to make up your mind, or you're waiting for your current contract to run out, it's a tough decision. The Galaxy S4 has a great display, an improved camera and a huge amount of software features and functions, but there's a few niggling annoyances that might turn you off.

After using the Samsung Galaxy S4 as our primary smartphone for over a month, here are five reasons you might want to overlook Samsung's latest flagship Android phone.

1. It looks the same as the Galaxy S III
If you don't own a Samsung Galaxy S III, you can skip to the next point. If you do and you're considering an upgrade, you'll probably going to be disappointed. Put the Galaxy S4 next to the Galaxy S III and you'll be hard pressed telling the difference.

Samsung has kept much of the design the same, so only small details have changed. The company obviously feels that the familiar look and feel will immediately resonate with Galaxy S III owners, but we would have appreciated a fresh new look. Sure, the Galaxy S4 is thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S III but was anyone really unhappy with the thickness and weight of the S III in the first place?

This is the Galaxy S III. Spot the difference?

More telling is the fact that the Galaxy S4 feels like a toy when compared to its biggest rivals, the Apple iPhone 5 and the HTC One. It's ultimately a personal preference but there's no denying that the Galaxy S4 feels much cheaper than the aluminium body of its competitors. The glossy back of the phone is also slippery and this can make it tough to hold.

2. The user interface is...ugly
Samsung is clearly banking on software innovation to win over consumers. The Galaxy S4 may be an Android phone but it looks absolutely nothing like one thanks to Samsung's TouchWIZ UI overlay. Like the physical design of the phone, the look and feel of the software hasn't changed very much from the Galaxy S III. This is a shame because the look is, well, pretty ugly.

This is again a matter of personal preference, but put the Galaxy S4 next to the Google Nexus 4, for example, and see the difference for yourself. While Google hasn't always produced nice looking interfaces, the latest stock version of Android is clean, attractive and pretty easy to use.


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