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Fitness wristbands are officially commodity hardware, lowlighting a bad week for wearables

Jon Phillips | July 29, 2014
Xiaomi announces a US$13 activity tracker. iTime becomes the new iWatch. Healbe releases dubious lab data. It was a meh-to-lousy 7-day stretch for wearable tech.

No, this is far from the truth. On Tuesday the world learned that Apple had won a patent for a smartwatch concept--a patent it first applied for in 2011. The name iTime isn't mentioned anywhere in the patent application text, but it does appear (once) on a patent illustration. But this was still enough fuel a flurry of echo-chamber headlines referencing an Apple iTime device.

OK, this isn't actually a lowlight for wearables. I believe an Apple wristband is coming. I think it will be impactful. And I don't think it matters whether it's called. But I do think it's funny that the iWatch has become iTime in headline writers' minds just because of a three-year-old patent drawing.

Apple iTime
It says iTime. It must be true.

Google Glass banned at Comic-Con

Oh, of course, this just had to happen: Attendees at this week's Comic-Con in San Diego will be banned from wearing Google Glass during panels and video screenings. The official reason: Event organizers want to stymie piracy. The unofficial, subtextual, only-in-my-mind reason: Comic-Con can only harbor so much nerdery, and Google Glass pushes the limits of metaphysical possibility.


Google Glass: For a very particular brand of nerd.



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