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Fitbit wants to you have more than one activity tracker

Jared Newman | March 24, 2015
A forthcoming Fitbit update lets users connect multiple fitness trackers the same account, with different devices to suit the occasion.


Fitbit is hoping people will use more than one of its fitness trackers, pairing different devices to suit the occasion.

An update coming later this week will allow multiple Fitbit trackers on the same account, TechCrunch reports. Previously, users had to create separate accounts for each tracker, which defeated the purpose of owning more than one device.

Why would you want more than one Fitbit? Perhaps you bought a Fitbit Surge watch for hardcore workouts, but would rather use the pocketable Fitbit One when you're at work or heading out for the night. Or maybe you'd like to have a Fitbit Charge in different colors. This isn't currently possible with fitness trackers from rival Jawbone.

In addition to the multi-device update, Fitbit is rolling out bike tracking for Surge users. According to ZDNet, the update promises 9 hours of battery life when tracking a ride by GPS, and adds a new bike detail page to the Fitbit dashboard.

Why this matters: We've chronicled the commoditization of fitness trackers before. While Fitbit has so far resisted racing to the bottom, it may be planning for a time when a single, standalone tracker holds less value compared to a smartwatch or a larger collection of fitness devices. With multiple device support, Fitbit gives users more reasons to stay connected to the company's software and services, and you could imagine the company extending this idea to new kinds of fitness wearables down the road.


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