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FireEye Momentum 2015: "We want to transition our business to be a world class partner organisation."

Allan Swann | Aug. 7, 2015
FireEye held its first ever Momentum partner conference in Sydney, which saw the security company's global reps pushing its new channel focus, including rebates, new tools, and new incentive programmes.

"We want to transition our business to be a world class partner organisation."

Pataky said the average time a piece of malware spends in the enterprise is 205 days -- and 80 percent of malware is only used the once.

"'When' is the new 'if' -- it's not about whether you're vulnerable, it's about how badly you've been compromised. A big change to the market mindset."

FireEye's head of HR also fed Pataky another surprising piece of information -- the average job tenure of a CISO in a larger enterprise company is less than two years, usually due to breaches.

"There are serious commercial implications; stock price, valuation, intellectual property, we hear so many amazing stories from customers about what they go through," he said.

"Our president, Kevin Mandiant, tells us a story about going into Sony [Pictures] a few days after the breach, and that there were people in tears -- literally crying -- not knowing what to do to preserve their business. So this is a high stakes problem."

Pataky says FireEye is focusing on reducing those 205 days to "to a matter of minutes, not hours or days."

The company's secret sauce is its continuous protection, which looks across the entire network for anomalies and responds with agility. He claims that FireEye scans 50 billion objects per day, and that his company can lay claim to having discovered 16 of the last 22 zero day attacks.

The key push for partners in A/NZ is the launch of FireEye's new Fuel Partner Programme, which is an online learning portal for its channel partners that is constantly updated via the company's advisory council -- which takes feedback from its partners and experts to keep training up to date. Fuel is actually running from a hosting vendor in Sydney, and includes sales reps accreditation and specialisation programmes.

"We can't do everything. No one company can. That's why partnering is vital. We know partners can spot that white space and capability gaps and chase them with us."

Pataky said that FireEye makes no more than 15 percent via services, leaving a "very large opportunity for our partners." Already the vendor claims that partners generate $7 pull through or every $1 of FireEye solutions sold.

"There's actually a very large global manufacturing company, with close roots here in Australia, that we were brought in on a breach with them, with our partner. At the end of the day, through all of the services and products, it resulted in about a $5 million dollar piece of business for FireEye/Mandiant," he said.

"But over a period of two years, the organisation that was working with the client, has billed them $45 million dollars in transformation services."


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