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Feds offer $15 million for research on the next Internet

Sharon Gaudin | May 14, 2014
The National Science Foundation is investing $15 million to create a more robust, agile and secure Internet.

As for Rutgers, researchers there are expected to hold three tests of the architecture, including one with a wireless service provider in Madison, Wis.; a content production and delivery network trial; and a context-aware public service weather emergency notification system with end-users in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Moorhead said he's glad researchers are working on new architectures to support the Internet's new uses.

"To better support those applications, the Internet needs to identify the type of end point, the type of content and apply the right path -- cached, replicated or direct with the appropriate level of security and fallback addressing for reliability," he added. "To increase agility, they want to improve quality of service for end points that are changing conditions during the connection, like a connected car as it races down the highway transmitting and receiving different kinds of data. Prior generations of the Internet relied on the connection and content remaining stable."

Moorhead said he doesn't expect to see new Internet architectures in real use for about 10 years.


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