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FBI's new iGuardian portal aims to ease cyber crime reporting

John P. Mello Jr. | Aug. 6, 2013
One-way website wins praise, but sharing with the private sector remains a problem.

"Even if you knew an FBI agent, you could try to send a malware sample to him, but their mail servers would strip it so you'd have to find another way to get it to him," he said in an interview. "This is a way for the FBI to do intake of cyber security relevant information and to make it easy for IT professionals.

"It provides a mechanism that didn't exist in an effective way previously," he added.

Unfortunately for the FBI, any government cyber initiatives are likely to be viewed with skepticism in light of the massive amount of government surveillance that's been exposed in recent weeks.

"If you're the FBI trying to solve the cyber crime problem by sharing information, there are going to be people who raise a red flag and say this will violate privacy," Stephen Cobb, a security evangelist with ESET, said in an interview. "It's incumbent upon us who are trying to protect businesses and consumers from cyber criminals to keep the message clear that law enforcement does fight crime that needs to be fought."

Sharing information will be an important part of that fight and something cyber criminals already do very well. "The bad guys are better at sharing information than the good guys," John Pirc, a research vice president at NSS Labs said in an interview.

"The bad guys are very good at doing what they do," he added. "They've got it down to a business model."


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