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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon will win your heart, offer it as a dragon snack

Jim Norris | June 24, 2013
In story, mechanics, and campy comedy, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon a lesson on DLC done right. It puts a new spin on the tried-and-true gameplay, but switches up the setting and adds hilarity.

While the game engine isn't sporting any new technical features for this standalone expansion, the vivid color palette and more imaginatively conceived environments serve as a visual upgrade in style. Fun character and creature designs give these flourishes further depth.

There are technical problems, but these are relegated to the Uplay DRM client required by Ubisoft to play the game. Many users report issues with game startup, caused by bugs in the offline mode of Uplay. Suffice it to say the quicker Ubisoft ditches Uplay, the better.

Although short by AAA gaming standards, the ten hours or so of gameplay here are well worth the low $15 asking price, especially when you take into account the standalone nature of the package. A side bonus is the relatively small installation size. While 4GB isn't tiny, it's just a quarter the size (and price) of the full Far Cry 3 game, yet Blood Dragon offers similar thrills and a lot more style and humor. If you're an action game fan, be sure to give Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon a chance to steal your heart.


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