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Fantastical 2 for iPad: Bigger (and sometimes even better) than on the iPhone

Dan Frakes | April 3, 2014
Fantastical 2 gets the iPad treatment, but it's more than just a scaled-up version of the iPhone app.

The Dashboard's monthly calendar is essentially a simplified version of this full-screen calendar. Instead of detailed event information, it shows you, using colored dots, which dates include events for your various calendars. It's not as useful as the full-screen calendar, or even the expanded DayTicker, when it comes to viewing the details of events, but it's handy to be able to see a monthly calendar while looking at specific dates and events in the other sections of the screen, and it's convenient to see, for example, which days are full of work appointments and which have only personal events.

Unlike the iPhone version's screen-specific views, Fantastical for iPad's Dashboard gives you all the same views and options in both landscape and portrait orientation, with the only real difference between orientations being how much space each section gets. For example, with the DayTicker collapsed to show just the upcoming days, portrait orientation gives you a tall, narrow monthly calendar and an event list that shows roughly 15 events; landscape orientation displays a wider monthly calendar (and DayTicker) with a list of roughly 10 events on the left.

Whichever the orientation, the three sections of the Dashboard—the DayTicker, the event list on the left, and the month view on the right—always stay in sync. Scroll one, and the other two scroll to keep up; tap a date in a week or month view, and the other two sections jump to display that date. It's elegantly done.

fantastical 2 for ipad event details
FLEXIBITSTap an event to see its details, including a map preview if a location is included.

Tapping any event, in any calendar or list, shows its details. If an event includes a location (and that location is detailed enough for Fantastical to pin it down), viewing the event's details screen displays an inline map; you can tap the arrow button under the map preview to open the location in the Maps or Google Maps app (whichever you've chosen in Fantastical's settings). You can also choose whether URLs open in Safari, Google Chrome, or 1Password.

Reminders are also handled a bit differently on the iPad version, thanks to the tablet's larger screen. Instead of a Reminders submenu in the event list, the iPad version of the app displays a dedicated button (which looks like a checkmark) in the title bar; tap that button (or swipe from the left edge of the screen) to view a slide-in Reminders list.

Fantastically familiar
Visual differences aside, Fantastical for iPad works much like Fantastical for iPhone, which is a good thing. The red title bar indicates the current month and year and offers buttons for accessing settings and creating a new event, though on the iPad you also get a dedicated search button. (When you launch Fantastical for the first time, you're asked to allow it to access your calendars and reminders—a standard procedure in iOS 7. Any calendar you've configured in iOS 7's Settings app should work with Fantastical.) Tap the date in the title bar to jump to the current date; tap and hold to access the date picker to jump to a particular date.


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