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Facebook eases digital marketing woes with its PMD programme

Nurdianah Md Nur | July 25, 2014
Kiran Raghavan of Facebook talks about the benefits of the Preferred Marketing Developer programme and the company's plan to expand it.

Even though investments in social marketing in Asia is on the rise, only one third of marketers in the region feel completely confident in delivering digital marketing solutions, according to the Digital Knowledge Survey 2014. With this knowledge, Facebook initiated the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) programme to link developers with brands to provide them with marketing solutions and drive business outcomes."PMDs help their clients build apps on Facebook, optimise social plugins, manage ad campaigns, measure performance and develop effective customized marketing strategies," said Kiran Raghavan, Facebook's Head of APAC Market Development.

In an interview with Computerworld Singapore, Raghavan points out the benefits of the PMD programme and Facebook's future plans for it.

Why should enterprises/brands in Asia engage with PMDs instead of hiring their own developers or working with digital marketing firms that are not under the PMD programme?
We certify PMDs through a competitive and rigorous review process before they are badged as a Facebook PMD. The process involves face-to-face interviews, client testimonials and assessment of the applicant's business model. We receive about 60 to 70 applications for our PMD programme each month and just about 10 percent of applicants are successfully badged as a Facebook PMD. 

Brands and enterprises can find the most suitable developers for their needs at the Facebook PMD Center, according to different verticals such as geographic region or area of expertise. Through the PMD programme, we've streamlined the process of finding a suitable and credible developer so brands can embark on their Facebook campaigns with ease.  

Facebook believes that marketers are more likely to have a reliable experience in their attempt to achieve their marketing goals on Facebook by working with PMDs, Facebook Exchange (FBX) partners and Mobile Measurement partners (MMP).

How many Asia-based PMDs are there in the programme today?
There are currently 20 PMDs across the Asia Pacific region, with 12 being in Singapore. Increasingly, international PMDs like Socialbakers and AdParlor are also expanding their operations to Singapore to capitalise on opportunities in the region.

Why are international PMDs expanding their operations to Singapore? Are they doing the same to other parts of the region too?
International PMDs are expanding their operations into emerging markets because this is where Facebook's growth is anticipated in the coming years. APAC is a strategic market, as a result. 

Singapore is an ideal choice, as it functions as a hub from which they can serve regional local and marketing needs. With the large number of people who are highly engaged on Facebook and digital/ social media marketing budgets on the rise throughout Asia, Singapore has become a natural choice for many international PMDs to set up their Asian presence. Moreover, many companies in the region do not necessarily know how to optimise their use of Facebook for their social marketing campaigns. This is where PMDs can step in to help brand marketers - with means that include the development of tools that will optimise Facebook campaigns or measure ad results that will inform future brand campaigns.


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