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Everything we think we know about the Moto X

Florence Ion | Aug. 2, 2013
Magic glass, a clear pixel camera, and a mid-range processor highlight Motorola and Google's next phone. We think.

Puff, the Magic Glass
Another leak from Wimberly suggests that the new Moto X will feature "magic glass," which is essentially a fancy term for a strengthened sheet of glass molded to cover both the front and sides of the chassis. The"magic glass" may be specially coated for durability, and its design should help execute the same zero-gap construction featured on phones like the HTC One—though that also means you won't get a removable battery.

Don't expect the Moto X's screen to be as gargantuan as some of the other handsets making headlines today, either. Rumors point to a 4.5-inch, 1184 x 720 resolution display, which is a bit smaller than the 5-inch honkers from the likes of phone manufacturers like Samsung, and not as pixel-y as phones with 1080p screens.

Wait, what about what's inside?
The rumors surrounding Motorola's "super phone" point to some very capable interals. It may have a 1.7GHz dual-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro with 2GB of RAM inside, in addition to 802.11ac support, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and 16GB of internal storage, though there may not be a MicroSD slot. Fueling all of this will be a 2,200 mAh battery pack, which should be substantial enough to last all day if it turns out that the Moto X doesn't have a high resolution screen after all.

Since last week's Droid lineup revealed Motorola's own-branded X8 Mobile Computing System, we're expecting that the processor inside will follow along the same lines, essentially enabling Motorola to continue advertising its "eight-core" chip.

Software with special goodies
Last week's Droids also gave us a glimpse into what some of the Moto X's new software features may be. We learned that the forthcoming handsets will come equipped with features like an always-on voice commands that allow you to control your phone without actually pressing a button to do so. It may also feature Motorola's new notiifcation scheme that displays subtle icons before you even get to the lock screen, as well as the new Assist feature, which enables users to set different actions and modes for meetings, driving, and sleeping.

Because of its close partnership with Google, we also expect Motorola's software won't be as bogged down by bloatware as other phones, but that's as much "wishful thinking" as "substantial rumor"—after all, there's no telling what each carrier will do to put their own little flair on Motorola's new Android devices. Whatever's next on the roster, one thing is for sure: the new Moto X phone has its work cut out for it as it goes head-to-head with industry heavyweights Samsung and HTC.


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