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Everything we know about Apple's iOS 6: All the features in the next update for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Mark Hattersley | Aug. 16, 2012
With Apple set to introduce a new iPhone, it will also be updating the operating system (iOS) for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Here's everything we know about iOS 6.

You might not have heard about WiFi plus Cellular, a new option that enables apps to switch seamlessly from WiFi to a Cellular connection. If you're loading a web page, for example, in a WiFi zone and move out mid-load, it'll carry on with the mobile network. It seems an obvious feature but one that will make a big difference to how seamless the operation is.

Some features from Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion like iCloud Tabs and Offline Reading list will be brought over to iOS 6

It also takes privacy much more seriously with a system Apple is calling "data isolation privacy".

Facetime now works over over cellular data, which could be a big game changer for Apple's video conferencing service, although customers in the US on AT&T have been warned that they may have to pay extra for this service. No UK carrier has issued such a warning yet in the UK, but we'd advise you to pay close attention to your data limit.

What's Guided Access?

There's also a neat new feature called Guided Access that enables you to lock an iOS device to a single app (so the Home button doesn't work) and you can also lock off specific buttons. Principally it's designed to help autistic children, but it also looks like it'll be great for

Does it look any different?

There will also be redesigned App and Music Stores that are more similar to the way they function in Mac OS X. Apple has also introduced a new SDK for developers that will enable you to purchase iTunes Store content in other apps.

Aside from that some apps, like Weather, have had slight tweaks. But we can't see any other major interface changes from Apple's announcements so far.

Anything I'll miss?

You might miss the YouTube app, which is being removed with iOS 6. Although we think the mobile web app is better, and it has been for a while now. You might miss Google Maps and Street View (there is also a mobile Maps website, although it's not as good as the one in iOS). Then again, Apple's Maps app is sure to look better - so you might not miss it at all.

So, is it going to be any good?

Well it's a little early to tell, given that it isn't out yet. But chatter from Developers across the web seems to suggest that the features are good, if incremental. Flyover aside there is little jaw-dropping, but lots of solid advancements that have gone down well (Documents In The Cloud seems particularly well received). But we'll be sure to give it a full review when it is released. In the meantime here is our iOS 6 Preview.


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