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Enterprise wearables present tech challenges and management pitfalls

Al Sacco | July 25, 2014
Wearable technology experts share insights on the current hardware and software challenges facing the industry, as well as advice on how CIOs and IT can avoid the most common pitfalls associated with enterprise wearables.

Finally, Fitzgerald says CIOs should proactively prepare for potential regulatory issues around wearables. Unfortunately, regulatory issue is really a gray area at this point. "The regulatory bodies have not figured this all out yet either."

So what can IT do to prepare?
Companies running pilots "need to start thinking about what they need to measure, from a regulatory perspective," Fitzgerald says. That way, if regulators ask, "they can show progress and that they're mitigating any sort of concern."

Traditionally, more devices mean more work for IT. But that may not be the case with wearables. Both English and Fitzgerald say the proliferation of wearables shouldn't be a significant concern for IT.

"The tools are already there for IT to harness," according to English. "There's the potential to consolidate devices. Anything a smartphone or tablet can do, your glasses can do. Glasses can actually be a replacement for a lot of these other devices."

The business case will drive wearables, English says. "There's obvious value for people that build things, people that repair things, people that move things and then people in patient care. Those are the no-brainers. If there's enough value, you can push through any barrier."


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