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Email is terrible for mobile salespeople, but this startup aims to fix it

Matt Rosoff | April 17, 2013
Mobile salespeople spend most of their time in email, but it's not always the best way to keep track of customers and leads.

It also takes a very work-centric and email-centric view of the world. But as you probably know from your personal life, different contacts use different modes of communication depending on time of day and context, and the line between personal and work communication often blurs. At any given moment, personal email, work email, SMS, voicemail, company social networks like Yammer, Twitter direct messages, and Facebook messages are all competing for our attention, and the problem is getting worse, not better.

Nichols knows that Tylr will have to address these different forms of communication in some fashion. But Nichols is not sure if a unified inbox is the way to go.

"To us, email is just a feed of information. It's one feed as a filter against CRM. You can bring in other feeds. Whether they're all in one list, or separate lists, that's something we'll learn from users."

Indeed, there's a lot of learning ahead: WorkinBox is not yet available to the general public. Rather, it's being piloted by several companies, including marketing automation software company Marketo. Eventually, says Nichols, individual users will be able to download it for personal use (the proposed price is $5 per user per month), but the company sees its real revenue stream as selling to enterprises, who can will be able to customize the app based on Salesforce  for their teams.


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