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Easier email: Minimalist, Cloud Magic, and other apps help you master your inbox

Liane Cassavoy | June 17, 2014
Email. Few things waste more time, yet few things are quite as essential to our daily lives--both personal and professional. And the only thing worse than wasting time managing your inbox is wasting time on app that's supposed to make it more efficient. But I can help: here's are a few email apps that can save you time and energy.

Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline is pretty self-explanatory. This free Chrome app automatically syncs when an Internet connection is available, and when a connection can't be found, you can use Gmail Offline to read and compose messages. Its streamlined interface is reminiscent of checking email on a tablet, lacking the clutter of Gmail's traditional web-based interface. It's so clutter-free, in fact, that it just may become my browser-based Gmail method of choice.


If part of what drives you crazy about email is the way it looks, you should check out Molto. This free Android and iOS app adds visual appeal to your email inbox and messages. If you connect it to your Facebook account, it adds profile pictures to your inbox, and displays images inline as well. It also makes email messages themselves look better, laying out messages in a sleek and sophisticated manner. All the good looks in the world don't mean anything, though, unless it makes your email easier to use. And Molto does that, too, creating a customized list of the contacts with whom you interact the most and offering a quick reply option that makes it easier to get back to the people who need to hear from you.


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