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Dropbox update eases worries over offline access to business data

Christopher Null | July 11, 2013
As every hapless teenager stranded in a dank cabin in the psychopath-ridden woods can tell you, your cell phone is useless if you don't have a signal. For business users, the stakes are just as high: Travel to a farflung corner of the world to meet with clients and "zero bars" is a distinct possibility. And God help you if you have to take a plane ride anywhere and aren't lucky enough to get on the handful of jets with onboard Wi-Fi.

With 100,000 apps already supporting Dropbox in some fashion, this isn't a pipe dream. Universal access to data from any device and robust offline support have the potential not just to revolutionize the way we work but to become expected, almost required components of any piece of software we use. As Dropbox CEO Drew Houston told TechCrunch, "Every app is going to be designed this way in the future and we wanted to get started on that now." I can't wait.


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