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Driving smarter with Clickdrive

Nurdianah Md Nur | Feb. 11, 2014
The Clickdrive adapter enables drivers to simultaneously monitor their engine, reduce their fuel bill and automatically record their trips.


The Clickdrive adapter aims to take the term 'connected cars' to a whole new level.

Most OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD II) adapters today only allow users to "run one driving application at a time," said Mark Sutheran, founder of Clickdrive. He added that some adapters might even require users to "physically swap adapters to change apps." To counter this, the Clickdrive adapter enables multiple apps to run simultaneously on the Clickdrive's platform as well as on connected devices such as smartphones, tablets and even wearable technologies.

Some of the driving apps that are available on the Clickdrive platform include:

  • Customisable dashboards which monitor the car and send out alerts if anything goes wrong.
  • Fuel saver app which advises users on how to drive in order to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Performance monitoring app that measures the car's performance in terms of power and torque.
  • Blackbox data recorder app that records the car's speed, acceleration and throttle for every trip.

By having these apps run simultaneously, drivers are able to drive smarter as they can monitor their engine, reduce their fuel bill and automatically record their trips, said Sutheran.

To use Clickdrive, users will need to plug the adapter into the driver's compartment in their cars. They can then access Clickdrive over WiFi using their smartphone, tablet or laptop to download the driving apps available on the platform. Once the apps have been downloaded, they can be accessed within the car or anywhere via Clickdrive's cloud servers. 

Clickdrive also takes security seriously, said Sutheran. Besides running on a secure network, Clickdrive comes with a firewall to protect the car from hackers and malicious apps. Data collected from the driving apps are also encrypted from the source to a server and will only be accessible to the user.

After two years of working on the prototype, Sutheran plans to commercially roll out Clickdrive this year. He is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise the money needed to cover the non-recurring expenses to commercialise the adapter. To support the campaign, users can pre-order their Clickdrives here from now till 15 March 2014.

Based in Singapore, Clickdrive conceptualised the idea of the Clickdrive platform in 2004.


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