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Double-edged feedback sword nicks Microsoft over OneDrive

Gregg Keizer | Nov. 24, 2014
Since Microsoft changed how OneDrive synchronizes files in the latest preview of Windows 10, testers have been trying to convince the Redmond, Wash. firm to backtrack and restore what they perceive as the cloud-based storage service's best feature.

Miller doubted Microsoft would shift into the drastic reverse that testers demanded — "Making a knee jerk reaction would be stupid for Microsoft," he said — but he rebutted claims by others that the OneDrive change was on the same level as Microsoft's missteps with Windows 8.

"I wouldn't make this analogous to Windows 8. With issues like the Start screen, Microsoft wasn't willing to have any feedback," Miller asserted. "Now, there's an ongoing dialog about what they do. And there's going to be some who are displeased no matter what they finally end up with."

That would be those who have predicted woe and doom if their demands were not met.

"With all the feedback this issue received, if Microsoft doesn't do anything about it to satisfy the need of the people, then the whole idea of the Windows Insiders programme and the notion that they take into consideration our feedback will have officially failed," said Kyriakos Ktorides in the thread.

"If they kill the placeholders after all of this, then they will only be showing us their true colors, what those of us who've been around the block awhile already knew about them: that this whole feedback tool was just a joke PR campaign," contended Don. "Waiting to watch the failure that will be Windows 10."

As of mid-day Friday, the thread where korg250 and others left comments contained 481 messages and had accumulated more than 7,100 votes for a return of OneDrive placeholders.


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