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Doomsday malware: It's only a matter of time

Roger A. Grimes | Aug. 29, 2012
The most destructive malware hasn't made it into the wild yet -- and when it does, it'll put today's 'supermalware' to shame

The worst case
But isn't such an extreme scenario highly unlikely? Not at all. Every malware expert knows this sort of thing could happen. Everything's connected to the Internet now, using the same protocols and defenses. Most people run the same programs. There's a Vegas betting chance it will happen.

The way I see it playing out is that a puckish, overzealous programmer creates a malware program. He or she sends out a draft creation hoping to create a little mischief, but it takes over the world instead. It happened with the Robert Morris Internet worm of 1988. It happened with Slammer.

This is the type of malware that scares me: Not the targeted likes of Stuxnet or Flame, but an app that attacks the general public, and instead of doing nothing, it does everything. In 10 minutes, every computer it hit could be permanently disabled. Game over.

In my humble opinion, it's only a matter of time. Maybe then we'll start taking security seriously.


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