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Do the Bunny Hop to these great movies

Jeffrey M. Anderson | April 6, 2015
This week we have several movies that buck the trend, movies that just didn't do what they were expected to. We have an Oscar winner that could have been dull but isn't, and is actually highly entertaining and often exhilarating. We have Oscar favorites that did not win, or won only one. We have movies that had production troubles, or distribution troubles, and still managed to come out worth seeing. And we have movies by successful filmmakers that are generally overshadowed in their filmographies. Enjoy!


This very strange Greek import from director Yorgos Lanthimos unexpectedly received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film, a category that usually prefers safe, respectable films over very strange ones like this. In Dogtooth (2010), a woman is led, blindfolded, through a house where she has somewhat impersonal sex with a young man. Slowly, we learn that this young man and his two sisters have been raised in complete isolation, with no influences from the outside world. Unfortunately, the woman — who has been brought in to satisfy the young man's natural sexual urges — eventually upsets the balance that has been carefully established, with dire results.

Lanthimos films all this in a totally deadpan style, with lingering shots, plenty of wide, empty space, and an off-kilter sound design and editing style. The result is weird and unsettling, but also strangely compelling.


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