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Do newspapers 'deserve' to die? Not so fast

Andy Ihnatko | June 11, 2013
Though I write stories about technology for the Chicago Sun-Times, I have no inside information about the thinking behind the Sun-Times' decision to cut its photography staff. What I have to say about this move is only informed by my observations about the modern realities of print publishing, and could apply to any great city paper with a long and proud history.

I guess I'm waiting to see what the Sun-Times does after this. Sell off all of your army's swords and chainmail armor, and use the funds to buy rifles and cloth camo. That's a good move. You're re-configuring your army so it can fight a modern battle. Eliminate the sword and the chainmail armor and send your soldiers out onto the battlefield in their underwear, chucking clumps of dirt at the enemy...that's a bad move.

As in all warfare, you don't know which decision was right until the battle's over and historians get a crack at it.

I don't like that 28 people were fired. I'm sure that Craig and the rest of the management of the Sun-Times likes it far less than I or anybody else, apart from those who lost their jobs.

And in our haste to discuss some complicated issues, let's not briskly walk past these experienced, talented, and respected creators who are suddenly out of work. "Did the Sun-Times do the right thing?" is a conceptual question. These 28 are facing far more practical ones.


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