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Digital Storm Krypton: A kick-ass gaming laptop at a great price

W. Bryan Hastings | July 2, 2014
Digital Storm's 17-inch gaming portable is big, heavy, and no-frills; but it’ll rock your virtual worlds at a great price.

Support could be better

As is usually the case with boutique vendors, you can't lay your hands on a Krypton before you buy one. And Digital Storm's return policies are stiffer than some: The company charges a 15-percent restocking fee, and you must pony up for the shipping. Further on the downside, Digital Storm's tech support is somewhat thin. Agents work only Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm Pacific time. That means you won't be able to get live help during the times you'll most likely be playing games and encounter a problem--namely, evenings and weekends.

I discovered that even during support hours, you must leave a voicemail and wait for a callback--which can take a while. A company rep admitted that often they get enough calls on Monday that they don't return some calls until Tuesday. And some of reps would benefit from more training. I stumped the first employee I called in with a simple question: How do I set the resolution to 2560x1600? To his credit, he escalated the problem to a senior rep who called me back and solved the issue quickly.

Digital Storm is among a growing list of vendors that offer remote-control support. A rep can (with your permission, of course) sign into your machine and troubleshoot directly, instead of tediously relaying instructions over the phone. It makes an always-stressful process much faster and easier.  

High performance for a song

Digital Storm strikes one of the best price-to-performance balances I've seen among high-end gaming laptops. It got stomped by the sexier 2014 Alienware, but that machine costs $700 more and doesn't deliver higher performance across the board. Still, Digital Storm needs to slim it down and toughen it up for the road. Better tech support wouldn't hurt, either.


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