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Did Motorola finally deliver a great camera in the Moto X Pure Edition?

Derek Walter | Sept. 24, 2015
We put Motorola's newest smartphone to the test, comparing it to last year's Moto X and the Galaxy Note 5.

Indoors, without the felines

Here’s another comparison of the three with indoor shots and less stark lighting. It makes for a good chance to compare how the cameras perform in a setting that shouldn’t be too challenging for any decent camera. 

The Moto X Pure Edition performed rather well, producing a great shot of the fall critters sitting atop the table.  

moto x pure critters
The Moto X Pure Edition camera reproduces the color well and provides good detail in a well-lit room.

The light is balanced well and you can clearly see all the colors on the friendly animals. Even though the light is coming in from an angle, it’s not bleeding over to other parts of the photo.

moto x fall criters
Even in good conditions, the Moto X (2014) still would produce a photo with a weird filter.

The 2014 Moto X looks like it has a filter over it—notice the beak of the crow. It’s washed out. Also, at the sides of the table the darkness kinds of bleeds over, and there's considerable noise in the tabletop.

note 5 fall
The Galaxy Note 5 delivers crisp photos with good lighting in conditions like this.

Again, I still feel the best picture here belongs to the Galaxy Note 5. The beak and the feet tell the tale—this has the best “pop” and creates a brighter all-around photo. But it’s only a smidgen better than the Moto X Pure Edition.

Improved outdoor performance

The Moto X camera shines best when it comes to outdoor performance. Even last year’s phone would struggle at times, but I found the images from the new model to be of great quality.

moto x pure flowers
The Moto X Pure Edition does a good job at realistic outdoor photos.

If you look at the flowers you’ll see their color is reproduced well. You can also distinguish the different colors on the pot, porch, leaves, and wood chips without problems.

moto x 2014 flowers
Even in good light, the Moto X (2014) just doesn’t get a lot of colors right.

Again, the previous Moto X looks like it’s washed out with a bad Instagram filter. The leaves are not as realistically green, though the flowers turn out decent enough.

note 5 flowers
The Galaxy Note 5 really captures the true-to-life colors of the plant and other elements in the photo.


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