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Design fail! Our top 10 PC product peeves

Michael Brown | Oct. 22, 2012
Bad industrial design can single-handedly ruin an otherwise solid product experience. Whether it results from the cardinal sins of sloth or greed, sheer disregard for users, or simple stupidity, it can drive me into a Hulk-smash rage.

3. All-in-one computers, laptops, and tablets plastered with difficult-to-remove stickers bearing various manufacturers logos. Look, I knew there was Intel Inside the laptop when I bought it. I dont really care that this all-in-one can decode Dolby. And you mean to tell me this desktop rig runs Windows 7? Amazing!

2. Keyboards with unconventional layouts. Theres a reason I learned to type by touch. If your improved design forces me to look down at the keyboard to find something as essential as the arrow keys, you have failed.

1.  Bet you saw this one coming: Power adapters that consume more than one spot on the outlet strip or wall receptacle. In this example, I was able to plug just three adapters into a seven-outlet surge suppressor. Granted, the angled plugs would take up just one spot each if the receptacles were oriented differently, but if the plugs were narrow and talllike the plug on the endit wouldnt matter how the receptacles were stacked. The plug on the end would be perfect if only its USB port were located on top of the plug, instead of the side.


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