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Dell's line of Linux laptops expands to include new MacBook Pro competitor

Chris Hoffman | Feb. 2, 2015
Dell's Precision M3800 mobile workstation launched recently, and rejoice Linux lovers! The powerful, flexible MacBook Pro competitor is also available with Ubuntu Linux thanks to Dell's Project Sputnik endeavor.

Dell provided two software tools on the previous laptops: A "profile tool" to quickly install development software and a "cloud launcher" for setting up small cloud instances on the laptop itself. Some developers may find these nice to have, but most potential buyers just want a solid, well-supported piece of hardware that ships with Linux. Dell may release these tools separately later, but the clean operating system is good to see.

Buying the M3800 with Linux

More good news: These laptops ship worldwide. To order one, you can visit the Dell Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation page on Dell's website and click "Customize and Buy."

Under the Operating System header, you can choose "Ubuntu Linux 14.04" instead of Windows 7 or 8.1. This actually shaves $101.50 off the price of the laptop, so you can get some nice savings by cutting that Windows license out of your laptop purchase. This blog post lays it all out.

Dell isn't the only game in town, of course. Companies like System76 and ZaReason specialize in Linux laptops, and then there are the crowdfunding projects like Purism's Librem 15. If you actually want to buy a laptop with Linux, you can. But you won't find these laptops at your local electronics store for $200 on sale. If you want a Linux laptop that cheap, you might want to buy a Chromebook and install a full Linux system on it.


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