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Dell, HP say Windows 8 is trashing PC sales

Tim Greene | Aug. 27, 2012
To hear Dell and HP tell it, the slump in PC sales can be blamed in part on Windows 8, which won't do much to improve the situation until sometime next year.

Graffiti ads for Surface

The Windows 8 tablets called surface are due out in October the same day Windows 8 becomes available, and it looks like someone is starting a subtle ad campaign.

This photo shows what could be a stylized version of a Surface table with its cover keyboard.

Perhaps the idea is to get people wondering what this surface thing is before launching ads with more substance. This guerrilla marketing might lift the Surface coolness factor. Graffiti is cool, right?

Then again, maybe it's Photoshopped.

Dell not worried about Surface

Dells' founder and CEO thinks Surface tablets pose little threat to his business over the next 10 months. Michael Dell's assessment gives Surface somewhere between 1% and 2% of the entire PC market through the middle of next year, according to the Seeking Alpha transcript of the company's recent earnings call. "[W]e're ready for Windows 8," he says.



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