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Cortana's UI now expresses 18 different emotions. Siri remains detached and aloof

Melissa Riofrio | Feb. 12, 2015
Microsoft’s personal digital assistant wants to help, but maybe she’s embarrassed or confused by your requests. Now you’ll know exactly how she feels—if you read this chart. Perhaps.

10. Elated
Cortana's so happy, her inner halo is a bit narrower at the top, maybe kind of like a balloon. 
 elated person cortana

11. Satisfied
YESSSSsssss good job, Cortana! Her Satisfaction halo looks just like Title flip halo and the Sensitive V2 halo and the Optimistic halo, but she's still pretty darned proud of herself. 
 satisfied person cortana

12. Considerate
May Cortana help you? Please, it'd be no trouble at all. If you see this halo, she's dying to be of service to you. Unless she's just Satisfied or Sensitive.
 courteous person cortana

13. Music reco
We're guessing "Music reco" means Cortana's ready to get down. That's certainly what this big-talkin' halo says to us, anyway. Or it says Iggy Pop. Same difference?
 music reco person cortana

14. Optimistic
This icon reminds us of Iggy Pop, too. In any case, we don't know why Cortana has two haloes that mean Optimistic. Maybe she's a glass-half-full kind of personal digital assistant. 
 optimistic person 2 cortana

15. Listening
Say whatever you want to Cortana. She's all ears. Or, she's Optimistic or Considerate.
 listening person cortana

16. Sensitive V1
We're all sensitive in different ways, and so is Cortana, apparently. Sure, Sensitive V1's halo looks just like the one in Sensitive V2, but the underlying message is totally different. 
 sensitive v1 person cortana

17. Speaking
Now you listen up, Cortana has something to say! And we've noticed that the three icons for Speaking, Reminder, and Music reco all have a light inner halo and a dark outer halo, and all the rest are the opposite, so that must mean something. 
 speaking person cortana

18. Thinking why does Cortana's Thinking icon look the same as Satisfied, Considerate, Optimistic, and Sensitive V1 and Sensitive V2? Just like with people, sometimes it's hard to tell.
 thinking person cortana


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