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Cool tech devices for (serious) gadget lovers

Tom Kaneshige | Dec. 16, 2013
Feel a need to measure your dog's fitness level? There's a gadget for that. Need a thermal-imaging device to see through walls? We don't want to know why, but there's a gadget for that, too. Those are just two examples of the devices on display at this week's gadget fest.

For kids, games are merging the physical world with the virtual one. Playing off the Hunger Games phenomenon, Swisher showed a bow and arrow with a smartphone attached to it. Kids can run around physically and shoot each other virtually. Harper showed two miniature cars that run around a racetrack controlled by smartphones. The app lets kids arm their cars with all sorts of virtual weapons and can fire at each other.

There was even something for reporters. Harper showed a Sony digital sound and video recorder that fits into a shirt pocket. The gadget captures great audio and video; most devices either do one or the other or don't do both equally well. It would be perfect for the multi-media journalist.

"I want one of those," Swisher says.


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