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Cook jabs at Windows, Android in WWDC keynote

Gregg Keizer | June 4, 2014
Plays to partisan crowd, but leaves as much out as in when he compares apples and oranges

As he touted the 130 million customers who bought an iOS device in the last 12 months, and were new to the Apple ecosystem, he said, "Many of these customers were switchers from Android. They had bought an Android phone," he said, pausing a beat for the punch line, "by mistake. Then they had sought a better experience ... and a better life."

The audience ate it up.

Cook also swung at Android with the same stick he had wielded against Windows, contrasting iOS 7's 90%-plus penetration with the 9% adoption of Android 4.4, aka "KitKat."

Cook's iOS 7 stats seemed to be taken from ad network Chitika, which last week said 90% of U.S. and Canadian iPhone users were running that version. The KitKat number appeared to be from Google's developer dashboard, which lists Android 4.4 with 8.5% of all Android devices worldwide that access the Google Play app in the past seven days.

The most commonly-used version of Android is 4.1.x, the first iteration of "Jelly Bean" that landed on a device in July 2012, and has a 34% share.

Again, what Cook left unsaid was telling: While iOS 7 may have won the adoption battle, Android has repeatedly won the smartphone shipment war: According to IDC's latest forecast, Android will out ship iOS more than five to one in 2014.

But no one said keynotes have to play fair.

Cook on stage
Apple CEO Tim Cook knocked Windows 8's adoption pace during the WWDC keynote Monday. (Image: Apple.)


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