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Cliff Bleszinski takes a break from games to talk Kickstarter, blogging, and what's next

John Gaudiosi | April 30, 2013
Cliff Bleszinski is taking a break from game development, but he's certainly not leaving the industry. With his days as design director at Epic Games behind him, the man who helped introduce Gears of War and the cover system to gaming is thinking about his next project and talking to publishers who can help him bring a transmedia universe to life.

How do you see your love of pop culture influencing your next game project?

CB:  Whatever I do next will probably be a result of everything that I have loved my entire life. It's the whole Slumdog Millionaire thing, where I want all of those life experiences to lead to the right answers for the show.

Whatever I come up with next will probably be some crazy mash-up of influences, the result of my being into Shogun Warriors, Transformers, Thunder Cats, and all those Saturday mornings with sugar cereal in front of the TV.

Look at Ken Levine: he's looking into historical and literary references to make Bioshock Infinite and I'm glad he's doing that, because I'll be over here in pop culture land doing what I do. It's kind of more Michael Bay as opposed to Christopher Nolan, sure, but we can all strive to be smarter with what we do and be more open as we learn and get better.


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