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Cisco releases VNI for 2014-2019

Chris Player | June 16, 2015
Networking giant, Cisco, has released its Visual Networking Index (VNI) for 2014.

The final driver Bloch outlined was increased video viewing. Last year it accounted for 67 per cent of all Internet traffic and this was predicted to grow to 80 per cent by 2019. In Australia video made up 63 per cent of all traffic and the vendor predicted this to grow to 81 per cent by 2019.

Bloch said that in 2018, there will be more Internet traffic than there will have been up until that point. That means that more Internet traffic will occur in that year than at any other time in history.

Cisco predicts that there will be a 2.75-fold increase in IP traffic in Australia and a 3-fold increase globally.

The vendor also outlined the top networking trends it expects to see by 2019. The most important of these, according to Bloch were growth in connected devices, service adoption trends and the move from wired to wireless connections.

The vendor expects to see a continued shift in the devices and connections mix where the amount of M2M connected devices will increase three times and outnumber any other connected devices by 2019.

Cisco said that M2M applications across many industry verticals would drive growth in the IoE space. In Australia, by 2019, M2M modules are predicted to account for 54 per cent of total devices and connections and will make up 5.9 per cent of total IP traffic.

By 2019, the vendor predicts residential fixed Internet population will will be 2.4 billion and the number of TV households will be 1.8 billion globally. The global consumer mobile population is expected to reach 4.9 billion by 2019.

Bloch emphasised that ultra-high definition content will significantly impact IP video growth. This form of content is said to account for nine per cent of Australian traffic and 14 per cent globally by 2019.

Cisco said that mobile video will be a major trend in the next five years. It estimates mobile video streaming will grow at 21 per cent CAGR, while online video will grow at 7.3 per cent and digital TV at 4.9 per cent. Bloch said that for the first time, in Q3 2014, time spent watching video content on mobile devices exceeded video content watched on TV globally.

In 2015, the vendor said that the average household globally is using an average of 43GB per month while the "cord-cutting" or wireless household was using 92GB per month of data.

Global Average fixed broadband speeds were 20.3Mbps in 2104 and Cisco expects this to increase more than two times to 42.5Mbps in 2019.

The Global Average Wi-Fi speeds hit 10.6Mbps in 2014, outstripping mobile data speeds. This is said to hit 18.5Mbps in the next five years. Mobile networks will also increase from a global average of 1.7Mbps in 2014, to 3.9Mbps in 2019.


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