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Cisco answers user questions about upcoming Apple Bonjour Gateway

John Cox | Aug. 16, 2012
To cope with the rising tide of iOS devices trying to use Apple's Bonjour discovery protocol on enterprise networks, Cisco recently announced that it is building a Bonjour gateway for its wireless LAN controllers. The company replied to nine follow-up questions after an online webinar for IT professionals about the product.

We are actively investigating how the physical location of the wireless client can be used to provide a pin-pointed service list with only the Apple TVs, printers, etc. which are nearby. No comment on availability yet.

Does roaming work with the Gateway, and if so how?

Yes, Layer 3 roaming across controllers works to ensure users moving amongst access points on different controllers continue to see the devices they saw on the original controller. The Bonjour services on the anchor controller will be displayed to the client included both wired and wireless devices.

There was some confusion about whether the Gateway actually use multicast to deliver Bonjour services to clients. One person said it does not. Is this correct?

This is correct, the controller sends the response back to the client via unicast so that other clients do not hear any services they are not supposed to see. For subsequent connections after service discovery (such as an iPad mirroring the screen to the Apple TV) these are unicast, and between the two end devices, using Apple's own protocol.

How specific can you be about the beta release of the Gateway?

Beta for the v7.4 release will be in Oct/Nov of this year [2012].



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