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China adopts unified approach to Smart City developments

Anuradha Shukla | May 15, 2014
Initiates centrally-led standardization policies and collaborative programmes, according to IDC Government Insights.

China's state departments are taking a more unified approach to Smart City developments, according to a newly released report by IDC Government Insights.

The nation has initiated centrally-led standardization policies and collaborative programmes to bring this change.

China's Smart City initiatives developed rapidly last year and more local governments became actively involved in the development of their Smart City projects.

Chinese Premier Keqiang Li also announced his support for the construction of Smart Cities to boost rapid urbanization and socioeconomic growth in the nation.

"All participating stakeholders, especially solution providers, need to find innovative ways to work hand in hand with their public sector counterparts so as to develop a working relationship that is sustainable in the long run,"  said Baogui Ding, senior research manager, IDC Vertical Industry Research and Consulting Service Department, IDC China.

Yet to issue policies

Despite these developments, China has not publicly issued centrally-led guiding policies relating to a more unified and structured construction development of Smart City initiatives.

Gerald Wang, research manager, IDC Government Insights recommends Smart City executives to align their ICT investments for the longer term with attainable socioeconomic goals instead of spending their energies on unfocused piecemeal programmes.

"The opportunity gaps for participation exist across all spectrums of Smart City policies, funding, and implementation focuses in China, where ICT plays a critical enabler for pervasive strategic transformations," said Wang.

The report "Capitalizing On China's Booming Smart City Market: Growth Policies, Opportunities, And Engagement Activities," indicates that Smart City initiatives in China span across a wide range of geopolitical jurisdictions as well as functional socioeconomic areas.

Many of state departments' initiatives to bring about a more unified approach to Smart City developments are in line with the last-stage development objectives of the national Twelfth Five-Year Plan as planned by the central government.



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