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CES first look: Android tablets tuned for kids

Melissa J. Perenson | Jan. 9, 2013
When your kids see you using a tablet, of course they want to use one, too. Thank goodness there are some tablets out there tailored to them, so they can share the experience--without begging for time on your own device.

The MicroSD card slot is smartly covered by the bright red, easy to slip off, bumper. The tablet also has a headphone jack and charging port.

Tailored for fun, education, and parental control

The interesting thing about the Nabi tablets is that Fuhu really has tried to tailor both the hardware and the software for its younger audience. The tablet's interface is an evolution of the Nabi 2's, with its simple tiles and highly guided, protected environment. A Daddy or Mommy mode lets adults into an unrestricted, standard Android universe, but kids get a very targeted experience, one that's preloaded with apps, and designed in conjunction with educators to match up with standard school curriculums. The Nabi 2 allows multiple child profiles; the company is still working out details for Nabi Jr., though.

Fuhu says it is working on an Amazon Kindle FreeTime-like time and usage allowance controls, but it doesn't have a solution yet. The company does say it's been getting asked about it a lot, though, and software is currently in beta.


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