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Cellebrite: Decoding mobile data, CSI Style

Zafar Anjum | Nov. 21, 2013
Zafar Anjum spends some time with Dave Golding, GM of Cellebrite APAC to learn about the unique offerings of his company in the cellphone retail and diagnostics areas

You could be playing around with your apps, changing the volume settings, and inadvertently also changing the volume of the ringtone. You then ring me. I do not hear it. For me, the perception is that the phone does not work. I have just spent $800, $900 on a brand new smart phone, and it does not work. In the UK, for example, within thirty days of buying new smart phones, it is somewhere in the region of four and seven percent of all phones being brought back to the shop (with the complaint that phones are) not working.

Now, whether they are actually not working or they are perceived to be not working is pretty irrelevant, when it comes to the end customer. You could say to the end customer, "You do not know what you are doing, mate, it is working," but for him, it is not working. The experience there is already very, very negative. What basically happens today, the customer says, "Okay, my phone is not working." He goes into the shop where he bought it, and the guy in the shop, if he does have the knowledge, it is pretty rare.

Most of the time, they do not have the knowledge, or they just do not have the time, because they are there to sell phones basically. What does he do? He takes your phone, he puts it in a brown envelope and he sends it off to the repair center or to the manufacturer. What happens there is that, again, they are not particularly worried about who the customer is. They get this phone. What do they do? They flash it. In other words, they install new firmware.

What basically happens, everything is wiped clean. It will work, because basically what they have done is they have taken it back to factory settings, and then they send it back to the shop. You come back to the shop, the first thing you do is you take your phone, you turn it on, everything is gone - nothing is there. You have been without your phone for one day, two days, five days. It depends on what contract you have. That already annoys you, because you spent a lot of money on your smart phone. Then it comes back whenever it comes back, and everything has been wiped clean. The experience is very, very negative. There is a lot to be desired, okay?

Basically what we are doing is saying, 'Okay, we have a customer who has a mobile retail shop'. If you have a problem with your phone, you can link it up to our Cellebrite Touch, which is the same machine that does the transfer and backup, and what we will do is we will run diagnostics on your phone. This is an automatic test, which takes up to two minutes. At the moment, there is something like between 60 and 70 tests. After two minutes, you have a diagnosis of what is wrong with your phone. It is very similar, for example, like going to a doctor.


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