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Cell-phone mishaps and mysteries from the masses

Matt Hamblen | Nov. 22, 2013
From diaper to grave: ProtectCELL asks customers to share their strange but true stories

Tanked out: "While having my septic tank pumped the other day, I asked the technician what was the weirdest thing he ever found in one of the tanks," said Nanci. "Just as I asked him, I heard a splash. He simply answered: "Your iPhone."

This one sounds like it was conjured up during Halloween: "My husband was at work digging graves when he realized his cell phone was missing," wrote Margie. "The next day while lowering a casket into a gravesite, a phone started ringing in the hole. He proceeded to do his job and later returned to find himself jumping into the hole to retrieve his phone. Full of dirt, but still working."

Finally, you've heard of butt-dialing, but what about butt-ringing? "My daughter put my cell phone in her diaper. I couldn't find it until her butt started ringing," said Kelly.

ProtectCELL has posted other mobile mishaps on its Facebook page.


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