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Can your old PC run Windows 10? The answer will surprise you

Gordon Mah Ung | July 31, 2015
For a modern operating system with a vast range of capabilities, Windows 10 is an incredibly lean and mean operating system.

However, my perspective comes from someone who drives SSD-equipped, multi-core, tier-1 GPU-equipped computers all day. If it doesn't snap to in a second, I'm upset. For someone who's actually used to waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the machine to respond to a command on these two old dogs, a Windows 10 upgrade would feel the same--and also give you a new, more secure OS.

The 2008-era X61, though, is another story: It's actually very usable and again, if I was on a tight budget and needed a portable, Windows 10 on this laptop would be OK. Not great, but it would work. 

This may be why analysts are predicting that Windows 10 won't goose PC sales: You can get by with a 7-year-old laptop and the new OS if you really have to. You give up a lot, though, from battery life to performance and overall weight, though.

Would you run Windows 10 on your old beater PC? Let us know in the comments. 


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