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Can ARM hold the mobile advantage over Intel's x86 architecture?

Jack Gold | June 26, 2013
As more is demanded of smartphones and tablets, the limits of ARM's RISC architecture will become apparent.

Bottom line: It is not clear that ARM has a long-term competitive advantage because of its RISC-based approach against Intel's x86 architecture. Clearly ARM has momentum on its side based on design wins in current products. But as it must add increasing complexity to power more advanced functions, its architectural limits represent significant performance constraints. Increasing chip complexity to include hardware-accelerated functions will ultimately increase the power and size of ARM-based chips and negate the advantage it has over the more complex CISC implementations, while at the same time CISC implementations are making significant advances in power reduction and size. Longer term, the RISC advantage that ARM currently enjoys over Intel's CISC architecture will not be sustainable.


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